06 Sep 2017

Announcing Key-Note Speaker for 4th Annual President’s Dinner

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ICCCTO President Rob McDonnell is delighted to announce our key-note speaker for the

4th Annual President’s Dinner:

Paul Quigley co-founder and CEO of NewsWhip


NewsWhip is a technology that helps the world’s leading publishers and brands predict and understand the stories that will engage their audiences. Paul initially launched NewsWhip in 2011 to “find the most interesting stories in the world”. It quickly became a go-to tool for journalists at top US and UK publishers. Today, NewsWhip has over 450 customers in over 30 countries globally, and is used by thousands of journalists, marketers and communicators each day. It employs 60 people in Dublin and New York. The team is aiming to build the foundations of a universal “science of content” – using empirical data to explain why some stories catch on, and some don’t. Paul is a sought after expert on the role and impact of fake news in the recent US and French elections.  Prior to founding NewsWhip, Paul spent five years as an attorney at two of New York’s leading law firms, where he worked on international arbitrations. He holds a bachelor’s degree in law from Trinity College Dublin (where he was a scholar and graduated first in his class), and a master’s degree in International Law from NYU School of Law, where he attended on a full scholarship. Paul is originally from Limerick city. He can be found in the Limerick milk market many Saturday mornings, sipping his fourth coffee of the day.

Join us October 18th

The National Club

303 Bay Street M5H 2R1

5:30 Cocktails  / 6:30 Dinner with Key-Note Address

$150 per person / $1500 table of 10

Book Here


About NewsWhip

With an infinite amount of stories and content across dozens of platforms, how can you filter out what’s important to you in real time?

One way is to find the stories with the most shares or total social interactions. But those total social scores show the oldest stories that have had the most time to aggregate interactions – even if they’re no longer getting engagement.

NewWhip instead looks at the rate of change of social interactions – how fast is engagement accelerating or decelerating for a story? How quickly are stories spreading amongst global audiences? This way of measuring “social velocity” ranks the stories gaining speed – and shows what’s going to get attention today.

NewsWhip captures content immediately after publication, using its patented algorithms to predict how big a story will become. All interactions are not equal – NewsWhip technology weighs different signals and behaviors accordingly to calculate maximum engagement in real time. The Irish Center for High End Computing found that NewsWhip’s algorithms can predict 79% of major viral stories. NewsWhip’s patented system is used in over 300 newsrooms, brands and agencies to detect pre-viral stories and help guide editorial and content decisions. Newswhip’s live, continuously updating dashboards give a view of what’s engaging the word right now. Via social velocity and prediction scores, NewsWhip users can see the rising and falling rate at which content is getting traction in any niche, in 60 languages.


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